Note: We will ship these habitats by freight, buyer pays freight charge.  We also are happy to deliver them to any show or chinchilla function that we attend.

Chinchilla Habitats


We also build custom chinchilla and other species habitats.  These can be exactly like ours, or "made to order".

Please contact us for details.

We are also happy to announce our new "Chinchilla Starter Kit", which includes one cage, one box house, one pitched roof house, one hammock, one hanging chew toy and two pounds of blue cloud dust.  All for a special "starter" price.


We do require a 50% deposit and at least a month's notice to build these.  Please understand that, with the number of these that we build, and our limited space, if a cage is not picked up within a week of the original pick up date agreement (barring natural disaster or agreement with seller), the deposit is forfeited and the cage can be sold to somebody else.


Cage and Drawer Plans (Instructions)

Complete instructions on how to build a cage and drawer unit just like ours!!!  The cage dimensions are 24"x30"x34" tall, and the drawer is 16" tall.  We have found this space to be more then adequate for up to three chins, but do not suggest it for more then three chins.

This includes cutting diagram and instructions on assembly as well as instructions on how to install the shelves.

This will be emailed to you in a PDF format once payment is received.

These plans are NOT to be shared with others.  These plans are for personal use only by the person making the purchase.  Purchase of these plans implies agreement to these terms.



Intro/Carrying Cage

This is the type of cage we use for introducing our chins using the "smoosh" method.  It can fit up to a trio for a 15 minute "smoosh" introduction.  It also doubles as a carrying cage for a single chinchilla.  This cage is 5 1/2"x8" with a plastic tray which can be filled with shavings or hay for carrying, or left empty for introductions.  Easy to clean, safe to use.



Click the picture to the left to see the cage in use.  As you can see, you could easily fit three large chins in this cage for introduction purposes.

Ten Gallon Aquarium Extension

Give your pet more room to roam with this Aquarium Extension!  Made of 1/2" vinyl coated wire, this extension is 18" high and gives your pet two full floors.  Each floor has a safe ramp leading up to it and a door for easy access.

Great for small rodents and short tailed possums

This is for the Extension only, it does not include the aquarium.

Note: This cage is not considered appropriate for chinchillas.  It is meant for much smaller animals.  We do not believe aquariums are ever appropriate for chinchillas, as the airflow is not good enough.




Baby Weight Cards

These cards fit perfectly in cage card holders.  Use a dry erase marker to keep track of each kit in the litter.  Once kits are grown, just erase the card and reuse it for next time.

Come in a pack of 4 cards



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